Ready for hiking?

Zmeu Bucegi is an interactive map for iOS of the
Bucegi group of the Carpathian mountains in Romania


Zmeu Bucegi looks after your hike:

  • 40 hiking routes with marking information1
  • 130 attractions and points of interest, with contact information
  • 3D maps of all routes in the beautiful FLYOVER mode2

  • see routes and attractions even in offline mode3
  • see your map location, geographic coordinates and altitude
  • send your position on the map to friends
  • call the Mountain Rescue service from Zmeu Bucegi

  • The Bucegi mountains contain some of the most popular mountain attractions in Romania, such as the Heroes’ Cross, the Sphinx and Babele rock formations. Bucegi are reachable from popular tourist destinations, such as Dracula’s castle (Bran castle, Bran), and Peleș castle (Sinaia).4


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